Kerala Government moves ahead with Off-Grid Solar Plan

Friday, January 3, 2014 0 comments

Kerala Governor Nikhil Kumar, in a two-hour address to the kerala state assembly, today gave a thumbs up to to the Oommen Chandy government for its good performance in the last few years. Nikhil Kumar also remarked about the Kerala Government's efforts to make the state a greener place.

Nikhil Kumar, who assumed office in March 2013, was making his first official address to the kerala state assembly on Friday. 

Governor applauded the Chandy government's decision to install off-grid rooftop solar power plants in individual houses and institutions, domestic biogas plants and the use of solar home lighting systems. 

Also the Government has plans to move ahead with the distribution of Solar Lanterns on a significant scale this year. 

Even though the Governor appluaded the Government for its good deeds,  the opposition party members came to the house with placards against the Chief Minister, as the government failed miserably to handle price rise and corruption.
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