Sahara Here I Come in a Solar Bike!

Monday, July 1, 2013 1 comments

Crossing the Sahara is hard! Imagine the Grueling Sun. Hmm it's seriously hot!. Now let's meet Simon Milward, who crossed the 1,275 kilometers through the Sahara desert in nine day's and that too, using a Solar Powered Bicycle. 

Milward became the first person ever to solar cycle across the Sahara using just the power of a solar panel with no pedaling or other external energy source. Milward started his journey across the Sahara desert in late April, passing through Morocco, Western Sahara and all the way to the border with Mauritania. Through this, Milward is planning to raise money which he intends to donate to, Oxfom, which is a global movement of dedicated people fighting poverty. From saving lives and developing projects that put poor people in charge of their lives and livelihoods, to campaigning for change that lasts. 

Milward say's Even though the solar bikes were been built before, his green machine is the first, which transferred energy directly to the wheels. 

People have done solar-powered bikes but they’re battery-powered bikes…charged from a solar panel. This one, there’s no battery in it – the power goes straight to the bike.

Milward used a 180 Watt Solar module, which he mounted on the top of his Bike. He took three months to design and build his solar two wheeler. It's just a normal electric bike with two changes: Kevlar tyres to stop glass and sand and a 17kg - 55 cell, solar module mounted on top. The bike ran on a 25 volt motor. Milward could hit a comfortable 30km/h on the flats, but even in the Sahara, with these limitations the engine might still cut out when a cloud passed over. 

He made it safe, even though there was a throttle malfunction, miles and miles of Sandunes, and wondering border guards. 

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