Twintin - a new solution for increased Solar Power Efficiency

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 2 comments

The Solar Technology is evolving rapidly and more and more Technologies are hitting the market in a daily basis nowadays and now Indian Companies are also not lagging behind. Jyothi Solar Power Projects, a Vijayawada based solar energy equipment manufacturer, has claimed that by using Twintin - a system which mingles together with the existing photo-voltaic system and the result of which would see 91 per cent of the Sun’s energy being converted into electrical power.

Hindu has reported that, at a meeting to showcase the technologies on Saturday, P. Lakshminarayana, Director-Technical of the company said they had applied for patents.

They include ‘Twintin’, a system based on sensors that could synchronise PV panels with the Sun’s movement, thus capturing maximum heat and a Multi-Junctional Device (MJD) with Nano technology that could instantly convert solar energy into electrical power.

Asked about when the product would be available in the market, he said it would be a few more months for the necessary approvals and stamp of recognition to come. “We have already got patent approvals by the Indian Research Association,” he stated. Government of India would get royalty for 20 years for the first international research patent (Space Solar Exploratory Research). 

In two months, the company’s technical team would test the technology by generating 40 megawatts of solar power in the presence of scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA. A young scientist with Jyothi Solar Power Projects, Prasanna Kumar said the cost would work out to between Rs. 1 and 1.2 lakh per kilowatt of electrical power produced. 

Article Written by Gopakumar Gopinathan ( +Gopakumar Gopinathan ) 
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