Gamesa's G114-2.5 MW Wind Turbines hit the Market

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 0 comments

Gamesa showcased it's new wind turbine with 2.5 MW of unitary power: the G114-2.5 MW at the American Wind Energy Association's Windpower 2013 conference and exhibition.

The new turbine is based on the Gamesa's 2.0 MW platform, with more than 15,000 megawatts, which is installed in 28 countries around the world.  The bigger rotor and the higher unitary power of Gamesa's G114-2.5 MW turbine, designed for use in Class II winds. The G114-2.5 MW model offers 29 percent more energy production than Gamesa's G97-2.0 MW turbine while lowering the cost of energy 10 percent.

Based on the same technological concepts as the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform, the new turbine comes with a new 2.5 MW generator/transformer but shares many of its systems with the G114-2.0 MW. The G114-2.5 MW will complement and exist side by side the Class II G97-2.0 MW, as well as the rest of Gamesa's 2.0 MW product range. The G114-2.5 MW turbine will be ready for delivery in 2014.
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