First Solar has 20% Market Share in Indian Solar PV Market

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 2 comments

First Solar Chief Executive Officer James A Hughes said that the company has already supplied Thin Film Solar Panels for over 360 MW's of installed Solar PV capacity in the country, which equates to nearly 20% market share for the Solar Module Manufacturer.

Hughes also said that the company is eyeing the Indian market as an attractive destination and is scouting for partnerships to strengthen it's foothold in the Indian Solar PV Market.

"We always look for partnerships. We have already with many companies in the Indian market. We are talking to many others," Hughes said. Noting that cost is no longer the barrier for solar energy, Hughes said the sector faces difficulties in getting funds. 
"The single largest challenge in the Indian market is availability of capital, particularly debt capital. Our focus is to have broad financial relationships as possible," he noted.  

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