Formula 1; Growing as Number One Destination for Solar Advertising

Friday, April 19, 2013 1 comments

Formula 1 is a global sport, and one of the largest motor sport events in the World. So you guys might be thinking why F1 in Renew India Campaign?

The Answer to the Question lies in the fact that believe or not Solar Companies are eyeing Formula 1 as one of their number one destination for Advertising. Football was and is still considered as the major advertising platform by Solar Companies to specifically woo the European customers. 

Though Formula 1, was usually a European sport, it has transformed completely by the introduction of Asian Grand Prix's. The Major ones being in Shanghai-China, New Delhi-India and smaller markets like Sepang-Malaysia and the only night race in F1, which is held in Singapore. Now the Sport occupies a global appeal as a niche high Tech sport and also a strong following in Asia, which surprisingly overtook the European fan base of F1 and this has led a stream of Solar Companies to venture into the sport to woo the growing Asian Fan base. 

And Thus we at RIC, thought we should investigate into the Advertising Strategies of Major Solar Companies in Formula 1. 

Trina Started it off

Trina sponsorship took in the form of on-car logo branding on the nose of the Renualt R30 race car, which ensured them excellent opportunities for worldwide marketing exposure. Also Trina helped the team by building solar PV plants in various high-visibility areas of the Renault F1 Team operations including the team's paddock motorhome and VIP hospitality facilities.

Also Trina Solar Supplied 55 MW of Solar PV Modules to Gestamp Solar to install in Renualt's Car Manufacturing Facilities in France.

Isofoton was Next
Mercedes AMG Petronas Drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg featured Isofoton's logo on their Helmet visors in 2012. It definitely gave Isofoton a good brand Image. 

Oerlikon Solar was too in the fray
Oerlikon Solar, which was a formerly a part of Oerlikon Industries and now currently owned by Tokyo Electron Ltd. Sponsored Sauber Formula 1 Team. Also Oerlikon constructed a Solar PV facility consisting of 1,573 thin-film silicon photovoltaic modules which stretches over an area measuring 2,249 square meters. 

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