Juhl Wind Changes to Juhl Energy

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 0 comments

Juhl Wind, Inc., a major player focusing in the Community Wind Power sector, today announced that it recently completed a name change to Juhl Energy, Inc. to more effectively communicate the Company's diversification steps taken over the past couple of years.  
In conjunction with the renaming, Juhl has also launched their new web site which can be found at www.juhlenergy.com. The new corporate name and supporting web presence is intended to more clearly represent the Company's focus on its commitment to operate as a fully-diversified, clean energy company alongside its continuing dedication to Community Wind and small wind and solar. 
"Over the past year, we have expanded into several important segments of the clean energy industry and as such wanted to re-establish our message to our respective market channels that we are not just Community Wind experts but experts across all areas of clean energy," stated Dan Juhl , CEO of Juhl Energy, Inc.  
"We've developed over $425 million in wind projects to date.  As a result, our experience in these markets has allowed us to add complementary services such as full scale energy engineering through our PEC subsidiary, ownership of our own clean energy assets, advanced solar and wind power systems for small business and homes, and day-to-day administration and maintenance services for third-party utility, wind and cell tower assets."   
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