TANGEDCO expected to release new Solar Tender

Saturday, January 26, 2013 0 comments

Business Line has reported, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company, TANGEDCO (link) is planning to introduce another tender for Procurement of solar power soon.
The price bids of the new tender is expected to be opened on January 30. Tangedco, which came out with a tender for the purchase of solar power from plants having a total capacity of 1,000 MW last year. But companies Bid only 500MW of the Total 1000MW capacity.

TANGEDCO expected to follow new procedures:

Tangedco will first negotiate a price with the bidder who has quoted the least price (L-1), and then ask other bidders to match that price.

After the entire process is over, there will be another tender for the rest of the proposed capacity. For instance, if the process results in the creation of only 400 MW, the new bid could be for 600 MW.

Also several bidders have quoted prices between Rs 7 and Rs 8. They quoted a price higher than what they can afford to sell, knowing they could always agree for a lower price at the negotiations.
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