Solar Market in MENA to reach 3.5GW by 2015

Friday, January 11, 2013 0 comments

Middle East and North African Countries are increasingly showing support of Solar Power, and that fact is cemented by the new Study released by GTM, which predicts that the Solar Market in MENA Region is expected to hit 3.5GW as quickly as 2015 from the current 149 MW installed capacity, though this represents a small value as compared to other emerging Solar Power houses like India and China, the MENA Solar Market is still showing good Promise.

A large majority of the Solar Projects in the region will be contributed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, followed by Abhu dabhi. Recently the Chinese Module Manufacturer Sunergy had opened it's largest Solar Manufacturing Facility outside China in Turkey, which indicates the country's attractiveness for Solar investments. Also Saudi has plans to install 41 gigawatts of solar capacity by 2032, which seems to be a good pill to swallow.

The MENA Region is also seeing new and improved policy framework for adoption of Solar Power, but the long term outlook for solar energy is big question mark in the Region. Recently the minister of industry and energy of Qatar, Mohammed Saleh Al Sada said in a press conference in Doha said that the government is planning to install 1,800 MW of Solar Power by 2020, by looking to produce more green energy to save burning natural gas in their own power plants, which later can be sold globally for higher price.

Following Graph indicates the Country wise Solar Demand Forecast in MENA Region. Saudi is seen Leading the Solar Revolution in the Region.

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Article Written by Rahul R Prabhu
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