Bosch to enter Indian Solar Water Heater Market

Thursday, January 17, 2013 9 comments

Bosch India has said that they will enter the Indian Solar water heater market as soon as next month. The Bosch India's Solar operations will be operated from their Bangalore office. 

The Bangalore based division will also cater international markets, with importance given to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Vidyasagar Halingali, country head, of the Thermo technology Bosch said,  the company will focus on capturing 10-15% of the market within the coming two to three years.

The Indian Solar water heater market is seeing a massive growth, with the market standing at Rs 1,200 crore, of which electric heaters are dominating the category accounting for half of the share while solar heaters a close second at Rs 400 crore. Several other state governments have also made it mandatory to use of solar water heaters (link), driving heater sales.

Halingali said, the first roll out would constitute solar panels and the solar heating systems.  The Main market that Bosch will focus on would be Karnataka, Maharashtra and the NCR region and he also added that the installations of Solar Water heaters would be done by the dealers, while the technology will be provided by Bosch. 

Article Written by Rahul R Prabhu
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