Holy Mecca Secretariat has selected two Companies to implement SR 2.7 Billion Mecca Solar Project

Monday, January 28, 2013 0 comments

The Secretariat of Holy Mecca has planned the Largest Solar Project in Middle East with an estimated investment of SR 2.7 Billion or $783 Million. 

Saudi Daily Al-Medina has reported that, the Secretariat, which will own the project has announced that the tendering process has ended and they have selected two multinational conglomerates from the pre-qualified bidders. The Holy Secretariat followed very rigorous specifications to select the companies to implement the Project development. But the names are yet to be released.

The Project will utilize 2 million square meters of land which will be provided by the Mecca Secretariat. 

Mecca to become first green city in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The project will be completed with a time frame of three years, and once completed will put the Holy Mecca on the Global Solar Map and also will become the first green city in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

During the, Build Own Transfer (BOT) contract duration, selected generators will sell the electricity Saudi Electricity Co., and after the ten year contract, the Secretariat will own the project. The project according to the Secretariat will save nearly 300,000 barrels of oil. 

Article Written by Manu Krishnan
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