ANERT Releases the Shortlisted Solar installers for ANERT 10,000 Solar Home Project

Monday, January 28, 2013 7 comments

The Agency for Non-Conventional Energy & Rural Technology, ANERT had released the first list of Selected Solar Installers, for the upcoming 10,000 Solar Home Project.

The MNRE funded 10,000 Solar Home Project (link) will be implemented through the Selected Empaneled Agencies. 

Steps for Applicants:
  1. The Applicants of the Project can select the required installer of their Choice. The Applicant must conduct a Site survey with the help of the selected Solar Installer and must engage in Contract agreement and request work order from them.
  2. The Applicant must submit the Preliminary Site Survey report, Work Order, Contract agreement to Anert.
  3. The Selected Solar installer will complete the 1KW rooftop Solar system, within 45 days of work order issuance.
  4. Once the plant has been constructed, the commissioning report, agreement and providing the letter providing the Solar installer the rights to avail the Subsidy must be submitted to ANERT by the Applicant.
  5. ANERT Officials will visit the site and will provide the Subsidy amount to the Solar installer, once the Solar Project is up to the mark.

Article written by Gokul R Prabhu
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