Solar Water Heater Mandatory for Power Connection in Rajasthan

Monday, December 24, 2012 1 comments

Tata Power Solar Water Heater

Rajasthan Government has initiated a landmark Policy which will see the Installation of solar water heating system a mandatory requirement for obtaining a power connection for a Building.

The Rajasthan Government has put it's focus on saving energy and promoting solar power. 

India's electricity shortage coupled with the ministry of new and renewable energy promoting the use of solar energy devices with a 30% subsidy on solar products, water heater companies like Racold Thermo expect solar water heaters to become big growth drivers over the next few years.

"In the last two years, the market for solar water heaters has grown 15% year on year," Mathew Job, managing director, Racold Thermo (link) said. Also the Indian water heater market is currently standing at Rs 1,200 crore and electric heaters are dominating the category accounting for half of the market and solar heaters a close second at Rs 400 crore. Several other state governments have also made it mandatory to use of solar water heaters, driving heater sales.

Other major players in this segment include Tata Power Solar (link), Bajaj (link) and Venus(link).

Article Written by Gokul R Prabhu

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