Kochi is all geared up for Solar Boats

Friday, December 7, 2012 5 comments

Cochin, the city also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea,  is all geared up to receive Solar Powered boats.

The Current Boats used by Kerala's state water transport department (SWTD) are pretty Old and it requires urgent replacement. For that initiative SWTD has devised a plan to renew the Old fleets and utilize Solar PV Modules for the Boat's powering needs. Also SWTD has plans of setting up  chemical toilets in existing boats. SWTD operates about 80 boats in 14 operating stations across Kerala.

The Solar Powered Boats will be run as a trial initiative with support from the ship technology department of CUSAT - Cochin University of Science and Technology.  SWTD has authorized CUSAT to conduct a study on the feasibility of the Solar Boat Project. The report will mainly analyze the Cost and Energy savings. 

Designed Planned by CUSAT:

According to Sources, the Solar Boats will be fitted with Crystalline Solar Modules, such that it will be able to carry 75 People including SWTD Personnel. As this Project will be Off grid, The engineers at CUSAT are planning to use Batteries to store the extra Power , and utilize it during the night. 

Not Just Solar:

SWTD in support with CUSAT is also planning to set up chemical toilets in all the 80+ boats owned by SWTD, subject to government approvals. And as a Initial Phase SwTD plans to deploy 49 boats with Chemical Toilets, and the cost of creating such toilets is expected to be nearly Rs. 70 Lakhs (7 Million Indian Rupees/$ 0.13 Million).

Article Written by: Manu Sebastin

For more information and sponsoring contact: rprabhu@renewindians.com
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