Indian Power Sector Review

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It's the end of the Year 2012 and the Time has come to review the Indian Power Sector Performance.

India currently has a total Power Generation Capacity of 2,10,544 MW, as of Oct 2012 and is  mainly running on commercial sources like coal, lignite, natural gas, oil, hydro and nuclear power and renewable sources like wind, solar and agriculture and domestic waste. This article investigates the Indian Power Generation Sector in a Snap and it's performance during the last year.

Power Generation by Sector: 
India is currently the fifth largest electricity producer in the world and according to the latest data provided by the Planning Commission of India, the State Governments account for 51.5% of the total generation capacity, the central sector accounts for 33.1% and the private sector account for15.4%. 

Though the Private sector contribution is less currently, it is all said to Change, and this is cemented by the fact that the contribution of Power Generation capacity addition from private sector has increased from just 10% in the 10th plan to approx 42% in the 11th plan and expected to be more than 50% in the 12th plan. Also Indian Government has a capacity addition target of 17956 MW for 2012-13 Time Frame.

Target Achievements in 2012-2013 Time Frame:

Power Generation: Indian Government had set a generation target of 930 BU during the time frame 2012-13. But the Sector delivered in such a way that, it exceeded the target of 222.5 BU for the first quarter by Generating 231 BU of electricity. 

Transmission Line Facilities: Indian Government had set a target of adding 17,426 Circuit Kilometers of transmission lines in 2012-13. But the Transmission line addition couldn't meet the target of 4551 Circuit Kilometers transmission lines in the First Quarter. India could achieve only the addition of 3267 Circuit Kilometers of  transmission lines.

The Great Indian Black out:

 India experienced one of the Biggest Blackouts in history, which affected nearly 600 Million People, was the lowest point in India Power sector during the last year, or perhaps the decade. But Government had initiated plans to tackle India's ageing and unreliable grid infrastructure by encouraging the adoption of new technologies including Smart grid in the power sector.

Wind Power Played a Crucial Role:

Wind power has provided a significant boost to the Power Generation Industry in India Last year. Wind Sector in India has been growing in an healthy rate, since 2003, with a CAGR of 29%. Also according to the latest GWEC report, India is ranked among the top three countries for new Wind installed Capacity and fifth in terms of Cumulative installed Capacity. Also India's Total installed Renewable Capacity had reached 26,267 MW or  12.45% of the total installed Capacity as of October 2012.

What is Installed for the Indian Renewable Generation Sector in the Near Future:

India's Twelfth Five Year plan period has a target of installing 30 GW of Grid Tied Renewable power capacity addition, comprising 15 GW from wind, 10 GW from solar, 2 GW from small hydro and 3 GW from biomass.  

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